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The White Hatter- Internet Safety for Parents Workshop

The White Hatter

The White Hatter- Internet Safety for Parents Workshop

The White Hatter- Internet Safety & Digital Literacy for Parents and Caregivers
What you will learn:
• Hardware and software monitoring options and their pros and cons
• Today’s online slang, as well as emojis and their connotations
• The emotional, psychological and physical challenges surrounding online pornography, gaming and gambling
• The positives and negatives of social networks
• How you and your child’s online activities now can impact future opportunities
• Things you can do immediately to protect your child’s online reputation
• Why your child needs to consider that everything they do online is public, permanent, and searchable regardless of their privacy settings
• Current examples of social engineering and manipulation tactics
• How to spot and mediate cyberbullying
• Using safer versions of websites and apps like YouTube and Netflix
• The law as it relates to online activities and possible unintended consequences
• How to encourage desirable online ethics and values
Workshop fee: $50 per person or $80 for a couple 
October 9th 6:30-8:30
Please note this workshop is being held at The Bradley Centre in Coombs 975 Shearme Rd

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