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Kerri Isham - Power up - Interactive Sexual Health Books

Interactive Puberty Book


When parents and caregivers talk openly and honestly about sexuality, children will have the comfort, knowledge and support they need to achieve healthy sexual lives.

Puberty can be a scary and challenging time. As a parent/guardian, you have the unique opportunity to make puberty an exciting right of passage for your child/children.

With fun, meaningful and hands-on activities, our children can learn to be open and confident with these sensitive topics.

This workbook is entertaining, engaging and informative. Be prepared to laugh!

Interactive Abuse Prevention Workbook


The sexual, physical, mental, and spiritual safety of our children should be a top priority for everyone.

This book was written to support children ages 3-7. The goal is to provide activities and discussions that will help increase abuse resistance.

Adult (parents, caregivers, grand-parents, counsellors, child and youth care workers, foster parents, nurses, sexual abuse prevention workers, primary teachers and early childhood educators) are encouraged to use this workbook directly with a little person. This book was not written for children to navigate alone.

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