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Girasol Woven Wrap

The Girasol baby carrier 

Hardly any other carrying method is as versatile as baby carriers are: the different styles of tying them allow them to be used from newborn babies to toddlers; they can almost always be perfectly adapted to the changing needs of both carriers and the carried. 

Admittedly, it does need a bit of practice to perfectly and quickly tie a baby carrier, but you'll be rewarded with a unique and comfortable sensation if you persevere. In front of the stomach, on the hip, on the back, with different centres of gravity, shifting weights and additional functions, for example, as blankets, mats, baby hammocks and swings – baby carriers are comfortable, practical and fun. 

One tip that is still not widely known: taking advice or participating in baby-carrying seminars is one way to quickly learn how to use baby carriers properly; staff with special training from baby-carrying schools are able to provide advice and support concerning the correct use of carriers so that carrying your baby always remains a pleasure. Please go to our LINK LIST for more information in this regard. 

Our baby carriers are woven in two bindings: transposed twill and diamond twill. Due to their diagonal elasticity, both types of weave possess wonderful baby-carrying properties. The centre of the baby carrier is identified by a little sewn-in label, the ends are tapered and the hems doubled for comfort. 

All Girasol baby carriers may be washed at 60°C, may be ironed and occasionally – if haste is required – even dried in tumble-driers. 

+ From newborn to toddler 

+ Versatile carrier – may be worn in front of the stomach, on the hip, on the back 

+ May also be used as a hammock, swing, blanket 

+ Correctly tied, the baby carrier adapts perfectly and individually to both carrier and child 

The Different Sizes Of Slings 

We offer our slings in 4 different length : 2,60m 4,20m 4,60m and 5,20m. 
If you need a special size, there is the possibility to have it custum made. 
The suitable size depends on your size and the carrying positions. 
The longer the sling, the more possibilities you have to carry your baby. 
For the cradle and the hipseat you need 2,60m, for the back pack and the different cross- carries you need 4,20m until 5,20m slings. 
With the length of 4,60 or 5,20m you can bind all different positions. 

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