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The Tale of Kale


The Tale of Kale

“No! I don’t like that!” Andy will not eat kale salad, kale and apple juice, crispy kale, white bean and kale soup or kale pizza. But, one day, Andy’s mom buys a bag of kale chips from their favourite farmers’ market, and Andy, loving chips, asks to have some of them. Andy discovers how great they are, and from then on, opens his mind and mouth every time kale is served, in any way. Parents will identify with the challenge of feeding our kids healthier choices, in varied forms. Educators will love the lesson of trying new things and having an open mind. Best of all, young readers will celebrate Andy’s stubborn will, mischievous grin, and, maybe, his love of kale.

The Tale of Kale is the book every parent looks for to get their kids eating a bigger variety of ingredients and meals. Promote the magic of trying new things, and highlight that it can take a lot of work to learn to like something on your plate, the same way everything in life takes practice

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