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Meet The Collective

At The Nurture Collective you will find a group of dedicated women with a vested interest in the health and overall well-being of families. More than a retail outlet, we are striving to provide information and offer unparalleled support to parents from all walks of life. With a passion for community and an acute desire to unify families, we are hoping to create an inclusive and inviting environment.

On location in the heart of Parksville, we have doulas, nurses, acupuncturists, and registered massage therapists offering their professional services. In conjunction, we have an array of classes and workshops available for new and expectant mothers, as well as an in-depth rental catalogue to ease you through the transition of adding a member to your family. In our online store, you will find high-quality products, with a surplus of all-natural and locally sourced items.

From pregnancy to birth and into the world of toddling, we are here to help you journey through this adventure called parenthood.

A woman is the full circle.
Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

                                                         — Diane Mariechild 

Who We Are


Danica Seline

Born and raised in Vancouver, Danica moved to Nanaimo in 2010 to complete nursing school. For the last 5 years, she's been working as a surgical nurse with Island Health Authority. Her dedication to helping others has always been a key component to who she is and was ultimately what led her to India where she volunteered at a hospital that catered to a poverty-stricken population. It was here where Danica's passion for pregnancy and birthing ignited when she witnessed first hand the challenges women faced when it came to maternal care. Her time spent in India taught her how crucial supportive and knowledgeable birth advocacy was in order to provide positive outcomes for both moms and their babes.

Upon returning to Canada, Danica followed her calling and started her training as a Doula. In this role, she worked with expectant families, offering them support through pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. In June of 2013, Danica's knowledge was put to the ultimate test as she home birthed a beautiful baby boy into the world and became a mum herself. The experience of birth only strengthened what Danica already felt and, in 2015, she completed the Midwifery Assistant course with Ina May Gaskin in Sommerville, Tennessee. Currently Danica is completing her childbirth educators training in hopes of bringing fun, engaging childbirth classes and support to the Oceanside Area. 

With over eight years experience in a retail environment, Danica is brimming with business ideas and understand the importance of customer service and innovative marketing. The idea for The Nurture Collective had been percolating for a long time but only came to be a reality when Ashley and Melanie approached Danica with a plan to bring the vision to life. All three hope this company becomes a prominent fixture within the central island community and works to bring families. Most importantly, their goal is to connect with women and help them achieve the birth they've always envisioned by making informed choices. Every journey is unique and deserves support and respect and these women are here to provide just that.

Ashley Cota

Having grown up in the Oceanside area, Ashley is passionate about the connection she has to the community and the relationships she's built here. Her devotion to helping families came from being raised around young children and knowing babies would be an essential part of her life.

This proud mother of three has dedicated the last eight years to working as a Special Education Assistant for School District #69. For ten years she worked as part of a team of therapist that offered support to a young boy with Autism. These life experiences have taught her patience, organizational skills and the necessity of teamwork. She also brings to the collective her strong communication and interpersonal skills, which she will use to foster connections with local families. 

Ashley completed her Doula training in April 2016 and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge of childbirth and breastfeeding and helping others expand their knowledge. Above all else, Ashley recognizes the demand for pregnancy, childbirth and parenting essentials in the community. She is determined to bridge the gap for families in the area and offer them the resources they need to feel successful.


Melanie Grozell

Another island local, Melanie has spent her entire life in the Oceanside area and is excited to be opening a business here. Her area of expertise, other than being a mother to two busy boys, is in bookkeeping and business. She's dedicated seven years to helping manage her father's lucrative construction company and has extensive experience with payroll, accounts receivable, and bank reconciliation. For the last ten years, Melanie has worked in the customer service industry as a server and licensed esthetician, which has allowed her the opportunity to perfect her customer service skills.

Even though she will be spending her time as treasurer and keeping up with the bookkeeping, Melanie also has much to share with the community. As a trained Doula, she is passionate about women and believes in the importance of following natural instincts, especially when it comes to birth and child-rearing. Incredibly open-minded when it comes to people's parenting choices, Mel is excited to help individuals discover what works best for them.

Not only is she interested in sharing her knowledge in the store, but she's eager to reach out to individuals in the community as well. Always keen on furthering her education of pregnancy and birthing, she is actively looking into workshops and courses that can be utilized in house and will be helpful to Oceanside families.